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Uruguay has an Integrated National Health System that guarantees health care coverage to the entire population residing in the national territory through the National Health Insurance.

Health service providers are categorized into:

The Ministry of Public Health makes available to users information about the institutions that make up the National Health Insurance. A comparison of the indicators of all health providers can be found on this website.




The National Integrated Health System regulates the right to health coverage to all inhabitants of the country, through a National Health Insurance (SNS for its initials in Spanish), financed by the National Health Fund (Fonasa), mandatorily extending medical coverage to employees and their families:

  • Underaged children or older children with disabilities, regardless of if they are the worker's biological children or their spouse or partner's biological children, when they are not covered by their biological or adoptive parents.

  • Spouses or partners who do not have the medical coverage of the National Health Insurance (SNS for its initials in Spanish).

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