The implementation of the SNIS (Sistema Nacional Integrado de Salud for its spanish acronym) in 2008 implied the universalization of coverage of care through the National Health Insurance (SNS). SNIS users are all people who reside in the national territory and register spontaneously or at the request of the National Health Board in one of the health service providers: the ASSE, the IAMC (Collective Medical Assistance Institutions)or  Private Insurance.


It should be noted that no specific vaccines are required for the entrance, since sanitary conditions are optimal and there are no epidemics.




The National Integrated Health System regulates the right to health protection of all the inhabitants of the country, through a National Health Insurance (SNS), financed by the National Health Fund (Fonasa for its Spanish acronym), obligatorily extending the medical coverage from the workers to his household:

  • Dependent children under the age of 18 or older with disabilities, their own as well as those of the spouse or partner when they are not covered by their biological or adoptive parents.

  • Spouse or partner who does not own the medical coverage of the National Health Insurance (SNS).


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The Ministry of Public Health provides users with data on the different institutions that are integrated into the National Health Insurance. You can check the general information, locations and algo make a comparison of the indicators of all health providers on this website.