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Free and quality education since early age, to postgraduated studies, is ensured by the Education system in Uruguay.

A wide range of degrees and careers are offered to those who want to follow their passion and developed as intellectual and professional individuals. ​85% of total university students are enrolled in the public system.

Considering education as the backbone which positions the country in the region, Uruguay is the first country to implement the One Laptop Per Child program ("Plan Ceibal"), which involves the free delivery of one laptop per child and teacher in state elementary education and the first level of secondary education.


The school year generally runs from March to December.

Uruguay provides Educational counseling and assistance for migrants

  • Customized attention: Central hall of IMPO's headquarters - Official Information Center 18 de julio 1373 - from Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 16:00hs.

  • E-mail: 

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