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Studying in Uruguay is having a Latin American experience, in a relaxed and multicultural environment.

#1 in LATAM

Quality of life

Mercer, 2024

#1 in LATAM

Democracy index

Economist Intelligence, 2024

#1 in LATAM

Civil liberties index

Freedom house, 2020


Educational institutions: technical and university

#1 in LATAM

ICT adoption,

World Economic Forum

#1 in LATAM

Social Mobility

Social Economic Forum, 2020

Environmental Performance Index,

REN 21, 2019


Of professionals use the English language.

Why study in Uruguay?


  • Education is one of the pillars that puts the country in the leading position in literacy rate in Latin America.

  • Uruguay has free education available from early years to postgraduate studies, guaranteed by the government.

  • About 85% of all university students are enrolled in the public system. 

  • Its connectivity and telecommunication infrastructure make it easy to keep in touch with family and friends.

  • From the city center, you can reach any university in less than 30 minutes. Montevideo also has a bike path that makes transportation easy and eco-friendly.

  • The city’s vibrant nightlife allows you to connect with a diversity of students from all over the world who choose Uruguay every year. 

  • The school year generally runs from March to December, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the country’s beaches where over 3 million tourists from around the region and the world are present each season.

The Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC for its Spanish acronym) has developed an initiative that offers comprehensive support and resources for newcomers looking to enroll in Uruguay´s educational system, validate their studies and more.

Check MEC´s website here.

*Please note that the site is in Spanish, to translate, right-click on your screen and select Translate to English.


Montserrat Velasco Méndez

Montevideo as a city has a lot to contribute to the world. I felt inspired and compelled to enjoy life and the many different interactions that we have as humans. This is a beautiful country, I made so many friends who were instrumental in my experience and from whom I learned a lot.

Country of origin: México

Educational institution: Universidad Católica

Find out how education is organized in Uruguay

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How education is organized in Uruguay

Get close to the universities in Uruguay and other tertiary institutes 

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Get acquainted with the universities in Uruguay and other tertiary education

Enjoy a language immersion experience in Uruguay. 

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Enjoy a language immersion experience in Uruguay

Check the process for recognition of studies

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