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Study in Uruguay will give you a different experience in a relaxed and multicultural environment  

#1 in LATAM

Quality of Living

Mercer, 2019

#1 in LATAM

Democracy index

Economist Intelligence, 2019

#1 in LATAM

Civil liberties index

Freedom house, 2020


educational institutions: technical and university

#1 in LATAM

ICT adoption,

World Economic Forum

#1 in LATAM

Social Mobility

Social Economic Forum, 2020

Environmental Performance Index,

REN 21, 2019


of professionals use English language.

Why study in Uruguay?


  • Education is one of the pillars that position the country in the region, being the number one country in Latin America in terms of literacy rate.

  • Uruguay has free education available from the first years of age to postgraduate levels, guaranteed by the State.

  • Eighty-five percent of all university students are enrolled in the public system. 

  • Uruguay allows you to be part of a vibrant culture in the heart of South America, with excellent connectivity to discover the spirit of South America in a weekend. 

  • Its connectivity and telecommunications infrastructure makes it easy to stay connected with family and friends.  

  • In less than 30 minutes you can get to all the universities. In addition, Montevideo has a bike path system that facilitates transportation.

  • The nightlife is vibrant in the city and allows you to connect with a diversity of students from all over the world who choose Uruguay every year. 

  • The school year generally runs from March to December, with the opportunity to enjoy the summer on its ocean beaches, where more than 3 million tourists from the region and the world come each season.     


Montserrat Velasco Méndez

Montevideo, as a city, has much to contribute to the world. I felt inspired and invited to enjoy life and the many different interactions we humans can have. I think it is an extremely beautiful country, I made many friends who were fundamental in my experience and from whom I learned a lot. 

Country of origin: México

Educational institution: Universidad Católica

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Enjoy a language immersion experience in Uruguay. 

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