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Uruguay has free access to education from the first level of pre-school to graduation in the university (there are even free postgraduate and master's studies).


The supply of public education is complemented by private education institutions that range from pre-school to tertiary education. There are numerous religious institutions (Catholic, Methodist, Jewish, etc.); some bilingual schools are also highlighted, mostly English, as well as French, German and Italian schools.




From birth to 3 years.

  • Offers:

    • Day and Child and Family Care Centers (CAIF for its Spanish acronym) provided by the INAU.

    • Private Child Education Centers

    • Gardens or private schools authorized and / or authorized by the ANEP.


Check the authorized child education centers list, by region, here.

From the age of 4:

  • Offers:  

    • Full-time School,

    • Special Education,

    • Programs for rural areas,

    • among others.


More info: ​​

Revalidation of foreign studies: carried out through a test that is taken up to 3 times a year. To do this, communicate with the CEIP Revalidation Committee.


  • Six years of studies, subdivided into two Cycles: the 1st. Basic Secondary Education Cycle (three years) and the 2nd Cycle of Higher Secondary Education or Baccalaureate (three years after the Basic Cycle).

  • There is also a tertiary level educational offer and Vocational Training courses in different areas of work activity carried out in the Uruguay University of Labor (UTU for its acronym in Spanish) -

  • For revalidation you will need:

  1. Uruguayan Identity Card or Identity Document of the MERCOSUR member countries or, failing that, Passport (original and copy).

  2. Certificate of Studies duly legalized and translated

  • It is essential to present the original copies and the copies of the Certificates and their Translations of the revalidation section.

  • More info:




It is the main institution of Higher Education and Research of Uruguay. It is a public institution, autonomous and co-governed by its teachers, students and graduates.

  • Requirements of entry:

  1. To have revalidated the secondary studies completed.

  2. Demonstrate residence in Uruguay not less than 3 years.

  • Foreign students who wish to enroll in the postgraduate courses dictated by the University should consult directly with the Faculty or School that offers the course they wish to take.

  • It is possible to revalidate subjects of another university career of the University of the Republic (UDELAR) or of another national or foreign university, for which it is recommended to consult the web page, section Teaching - Revalidation.


For the homologation of study documents made abroad and their recognition in national educational institutions, they must present them to the Uruguayan consular agent in the State that gave origin. Once in Uruguay, they must be validated in the Directorate of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finally, you must present them in the corresponding Education Institution, according to the studies carried out.
For any other information, query or concern, please contact the Public Information and Orientation Center (C.I.O.P.)