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Southamerica´s charming, progressive, stable, safe and culturally sophisticated country.

Uruguay is a traditionally democratic and culturally cosmopolitan community, with the highest human development indices in Latin America. The country is also known for its food and wine, beaches, wide open spaces, the countryside, history and music.

With a population of approximately 3,300,000 inhabitants, Uruguay continues to enjoy steady development and growth. This contributes to its ability to provide better services to its nearly 3 million visitors per year.

On its undulating landscape, irrigated by hundred of rivers and streams, you can see the world’s more selected livestock grazing, as well as rich land for agriculture and vibrant, fast-growing forest areas. All this ecosystem coexists in natural harmony, supported by the hand of man.

Sandwiched between two Latin American travel powerhouses, laid-back Uruguay is one of the continent's most inviting secrets.
(...) And while some might struggle to locate Uruguay (population 3.4 million) on a map or name its river-facing capital, Montevideo, its dynamic coastline, extended carnival season and UNESCO cultural heritage status make it a prime Latin American vacation spot.


CNN Travel - Uruguay: 10 great reasons to visit a South American treasure

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