The cultural offer of Uruguay is wide and varied, with activities of theater, music, art, audiovisual, literature.



  • Latest news: collection of the main and most recent news in this country's cultural sphere. Access here


  • Guide of the Uruguayan parties - Gather the hundreds of festivities that take place throughout the year in the 19 departments of the country carried out by the Ministry of Education and Culture (in spanish) -  Download here.

  • Guide of cultural institutions in Uruguay - Held by the Ministry of Education and Culture gathers the information about all libraries, museums, cinemas, theaters, halls or stages, cultural spaces, exhibition spaces, libraries and institutions belonging to the Ministry of Education and Culture. Download here (in spanish).


  • Culture in the capital - In the following link you can find information about the activities and cultural and entertainment spaces available in Montevideo (architecture, heritage, parks, squares, zoos,  markets, beaches, casinos, cinemas, shopping, museums, theaters , sports, among others). It also contains an updated agenda of activities and events by the Montevideo City Hall. More info here.


  • Weekly Billboard - In the following site you can find the billboard of cinema, theater, music and art of the whole country, which is daily updated. o here. More info here.


Paseos urbanos

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