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Investment funds

mvd consulting

Catapult is a venture capital fund that invests in and supports companies of all sizes that impact the logistics industry, created by the business consulting firm MVD Consulting.


CITES is an early-stage venture capital fund that invests, accelerates, and incubates projects based on disruptive science addressing global market needs.


Company builder that supports the creation of biotechnology companies, seeks innovative scientific projects that can solve major problems at an international level, supports them to build their scientific ventures together with business entrepreneurs, and invests entrepreneurial capital.

ic ventures

Private fund that selects startups with potential for disruption, scaling and value generation in the technology or traditional sectors where technology represents a critical opportunity for transformation.


Venture capital fund focused on making a large-scale positive impact in Latin America by building the best ecosystem of technology entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and corporations.


Incubator and company builder that supports high potential technology startups and spin-offs in early stages of development. It has a co-investment fund for blockchain and small autonomous vehicles for agriculture and industry.


Angel fund with the longest track record in the country. It has invested in 23 companies, 7 of which are 100% Uruguayan startups to which it provides mentoring, infrastructure, and board. It focuses on e-commerce, proptech and agrotech ventures, but is expanding to expert and passionate entrepreneurs from all verticals.


Seed Capital & Mentoring


The National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII) is the government agency that promotes research and innovation in the country’s production and social areas. Among its various programs, it has funds for starting up and launching a new innovative company that meets the requirements of dedication, invoicing, months of incorporation, and, in the case of a young company, the entrepreneurs must have a majority stake in the company.


The National Development Agency (ANDE) promotes the country’s development through programs aimed at improving business and territorial competitiveness, with a focus on micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Its Seed program is a non-reimbursable fund that seeks to launch or strengthen enterprises, products, services, processes and/or forms of commercialization that have differential value, dynamic growth potential and job creation opportunities.


Endeavor is the leading organization in the global movement of high-impact entrepreneurs. It selects and supports great entrepreneurs so they can grow, impact, and drive economic growth. In Uruguay, it provides advisory, mentoring, acceleration, and networking services.


International foundation that in Uruguay provides support and tools to entrepreneurs to validate their idea both technically and commercially, in a pre-incubation stage, where they receive training in business models, financial planning, budgeting, impact measurement, among others. At the end of the process, they develop a minimum viable product and make a first sale.


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Meet the main institutions of the ecosystem



Existing support for the different stages of the enterprises.


Check the steps to set up a company in Uruguay.

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