With the aim of promoting an entrepreneurial and innovative culture at ORT University, it carries out actions to develop, strengthen and coordinate an ecosystem that links: university, business, society and the financial sector, turning entrepreneurial initiatives into innovative enterprises that add value to society.


Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the Catholic University of Uruguay, aimed at articulating initiatives that promote the generation of a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in its community, both in academic programs and in entrepreneurial development and research.

da vinci

Organization of the civil society with the purpose of encouraging the entrepreneurial culture, through different initiatives in the year such as workshops, programs and meetings. In addition, from the da Vinci Labs incubator they support entrepreneurs in Latin America in the early stages to strengthen their businesses and teams.

fundacion ricaldoni

Non-profit organization, created by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of the Republic, within the framework of its Program for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship (ProFe) the Foundation develops various activities to accompany entrepreneurs of scientific and technological basis.

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Multipurpose incubator for entrepreneurs who are ready to build a product or service with differential value or innovation and launch a company.


Incubator of companies from LATU (Technological Laboratory of Uruguay), located within its Technology and Events Park. Founded in 2001, it is the first incubator in the country. It supports entrepreneurs with technology-based projects, so that at the end of the incubation process they will be innovative, profitable and scalable companies.


Incubator of technology-based companies which aims to promote and support the creation, establishment and development of new companies and spin-offs that provide products, services or processes with a scientific and technological base.


Tailor-made organization for Latin American startups, designed to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurial projects in the early stages of implementation. The Incubator is multipurpose, with no fixed theme or support for incubated projects; projects from all fields are accepted.


Incubation Program for Innovative Electronic Companies, arising from the agreement signed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM), the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay (LATU) and the National Administration of Telecommunications (ANTEL). Its objective is to promote innovative electronic-based projects in early stages, through an incubation program of up to 24 months and a variety of services that allows them to grow rapidly.


Incubator of Cooperatives, which is the result of a joint initiative of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM), the National Institute of Cooperatives and the Uruguayan Confederation of Cooperatives (INACOOP), with the purpose of encouraging the creation of cooperatives in specific branches of activity, among which priority is given to those with a greater technological component and high intensity in the use of knowledge, responding to the weak participation of the cooperative syste


Incubator of technology companies with a focus on hardware that supports ventures in their first stage of growth.


Company builder created to support high potential technological startups and spin-offs in early stages. It has a group of investors, business people and executives, with extensive experience, who get involved in the ventures it supports.


More information is available at: www.uruguayemprendedor.uy



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