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Programs for entrepreneurs


Cambadu capacitación

Advice and training - arovira@cambadu.com.uy

C-Entrepreneur (Dinapyme - MIEM)

Talks and awareness workshops. Spaces for exchange and linking: Entrepreneur Coffee and Entrepreneurs National Encounter. Interactive Guide: The Entrepreneurial Way. Promotion of training initiatives in attitudes and entrepreneurial skills in the education system. c-emprendedor@dinapyme.miem.gub.uy

CDU (Cámara de Diseño del Uruguay)

Agreements Training. Events

CLAEH (PIE Program)

Awareness workshops. Contests Advice - cdelbra@gmail.com


DESEM Jóvenes Emprendedores

Entrepreneurship programs for children and young people - pablo.marroche@desem.org.uy


Networking spaces. Events: Endeavor Mega Experience and Endeavor Experience - veronica.caravia@endeavor.org

Fundación Da Vinci

Nexus with the accelerator Hackers & Founders in San Francisco.
MontevideoValley annual meeting. Contest TR35 of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Networking and training initiatives.


Awareness workshops - consultas@fundasol.org.uy

Programs: pro young, pro woman, rural - scamacho@inefop.org.uy

JCI (Cámara Junior Internacional)

 Young people between 18 and 40 years old. Training. Debate and Speech Championships. Leadership Academy. Events Networking - presidencia@jciuruguay.org


Más Emprendedores

Workshops and seminars. Networking spaces - evangelina.tejedor@endeavor.org

OMEU (Organización de Mujeres Empresarias del Uruguay)
Training. Networking spaces (partners) - / info@omeu.org.uy


Competitions 'Ideas to undertake' - rafe@rafe.org.uy

Red Espacio Emprendedor

Advice. Training. Access to financing. Promotion and dissemination.

Red Promo (Flores y Durazno)

Advice. Promotion and dissemination - redpromodf@gmail.com

Universidad ORT

Centro de Innovación y Emprendimientos CIE. Entrepreneurship training: university courses with specialization in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial skills development workshops. Networking activities. - cie@ort.edu.uy

Universidad Católica: Nexo (Centro de Desarrollo Emprendedor)

Awareness workshops. Initial advice - ckrauss@ucu.edu.uy

Universidad del Trabajo del Uruguay (UTU)

Awareness workshops. Young Entrepreneurs Program. Contests Tutorials - jovenesemprendedores@utu.edu.uy

Universidad de Montevideo

Centro de Emprendedores UM. Awareness workshops. Initial advice Mentoring Training courses - jmaisonnave@correo.um.edu.uy

Young Americas Business Trust (YABT)

Awareness workshops. Contests.




ANII (National Agency for Research and Innovation

Validation of Business Ideas (Pre-seed Capital USD 5,000) - entrepreneurs@anii.org.uy

Center of Entrepreneurship Deloitte of IEEM

 Mentoring. Preparation of the Business Plan - ichaquiriand@um.edu.uy

C-Entrepreneur (Dinapyme - MIEM)

Training. Advice on business planning. Tutorials - c-emprendedor@dinapyme.miem.gub.uy


CLAEH (PIE Program)

 Pre incubator: advice from the initial idea. Contests. Tutorials Training workshops. Link to financing networks /cdelbra@gmail.com


Pre incubator. Advice from the initial idea. Training. Tutorials Preparation of the Business Plan /mcmessin@gmail.com

Training with focus on entrepreneurial behavior. / Workshops. Preparation of the Business Plan. /paola.albe@empretec.org.uy



Business advice. Training - consultas@fundasol.org.uy

Kolping Uruguay: Emprecrea Program

Training. Mentoring Preparation of the Business Plan - wfolco@kolping.org.uy


'Entrepreneurs on the look' contest - rafe@rafe.org.uy

Universidad Católica: Nexo (Centro de Desarrollo Emprendedor)

Pre - Incubator: support through mentors to transform the idea into a validated business model. Training. Tutorials Preparation of the Business Plan. Facilitate access to financing. /ckrauss@ucu.edu.uy


Unidad Mypes: Intendencia de Montevideo

Training (Programs: Podes y Claves de Mypes). Advice. Preparation of the Business Plan. Access to financing (Banks and Microfinance Institutions). Access to rental guarantee for commercial premises (GAMM Program). Marketing Opportunities - secret.unidadmypes@gmail.com

Universidad ORT: Centro de Innovación y Emprendimientos (CIE)

Pre - incubator: support through mentors to transform the idea into a validated business model. Development of technology-based prototypes. Networks of contacts, access to seed capital, public and private funds - cie@ort.edu.uy

Universidad de Montevideo (Centro de Emprendedores UM)

Advice from the initial idea. Elaboration of the CANVAS and Business Plan. Facilitator of access to financing and to different entrepreneurial support institutions - jmaisonnave@correo.um.edu.uy


Training. Contests Advice. Mentoring /claudiasirlin9@gmail.com


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