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Citizen responsibility and action 

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The Safest Places to Travel When Borders Open


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Democratic countries to move to after the pandemic


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#1 in LATAM

Lower number of cases and deaths, both in total and per capita.


Uruguay is one of the few countries that appealed to citizen responsibility to face the health emergency resulting from COVID-19, with outstanding results. 

On March 13, the first case of COVID-19 was registered in the country and the government immediately decided to decree a health emergency recommending the voluntary isolation of the population. Public offices were closed, education was implemented virtually, and the private sector followed the measures with responsibility and almost total adherence. 

In May, the country began to recover normality, returning from voluntary isolation, reopening of large areas such as shopping centres, schools returned to the classrooms and gradually, with citizen responsibility and clear health protocols, formulated collectively and specifically for each sector of activity. The country was entering a new normality.   

These factors were decisive for the country to maintain an active economy and quickly open borders to the world again. 

Brian Rashid

 It’s people, not places... A culture of subtle, yet deep care for those that live here is at the heart of you as a country. You are one of, if not the only, Latin American country that did not have a mandatory quarantine. Yet, you have one of the lowest rates of COVID anywhere in the world. You didn’t have to collapse your economy, impose fines or threaten punishments for people to do the right thing. They simply did the right thing.

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Find out about the current situation in Uruguay and the evolution of COVID-19. 

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Requirements for entering the country, for nationals or foreigners. 

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Find out how Uruguay faces the COVID.

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