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Digital Nomads

Discover Uruguay, the perfect destination to live and work remotely 

100+1 Reasons to be a Digital Nomad in Uruguay

  • 13 adventures you can have in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay

  • 9 places you can enjoy while touring the countryside

  • 14 ways you can connect with nature

  • 20 new experiences you can taste

  • 11 sports and activities you can try (if you dare!)

  • 16 ways to immerse yourself in Uruguay’s cultural and musical heritage

  • 9 opportunities to entertain yourself during your free time

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Join the community of digital nomads who have chosen Uruguay as their remote home and discover a country full of exciting adventures and opportunities! 

Find out the +100 reasons
to be a Digital Nomad in Uruguay right now! 

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​As a New Yorker, my experience in Uruguay is great because Internet works super fast, the time zone allows me to work with clientes from San Francisco to Eastern Europe, to join the private healthcare system is super easy and affordable, and Uruguayans are willing to help and they want to meet you. That is refreshing. I have met friends who are now family.

Chris Roe, Globall communication coach

Why Uruguay? 


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Quality of Life


High Speed Connectivity 



Democracy & Transparency


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Social Mobility


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Civil Liberties

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