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Uruguay has a National Research System, which can be integrated not only by Uruguayans but also by foreigners residing in the country or with links to it.









The National System of Researchers promotes, through periodic evaluation, the categorization and economic incentive of researchers, the production of knowledge, across all areas, and the strengthening and expansion of the national scientific community. The main promoted research areas are: Natural and Exact Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Engineering and Technology.


Institute of Biological Research Clemente Estable - IIBCE 

Generates and develops scientific research to obtain new knowledge in the field of life sciences and related areas. It has research teams in Neuroscience, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Microbiological Sciences, Training in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

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Pasteur Institute of Montevideo 

It offers technology and human resources, conceived in a flexible organization, to become a recognized institution in Latin America. One of its main objectives is to develop novel research in areas of structural, molecular and cellular biology applied to biomedicine.

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Centro de Investigación y Experimentación Pedagógica

It is a Tertiary Educational Center that has a vast experience in the training of educators with permanent teaching updating programs. A non-profit civil association, created in 1972 with the aim of contributing to the improvement of education, as a contribution to national development.

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Centro Uruguayo de Imagenología Molecular 

Its tasks are the development of research, training and applications in health sciences where the following activities are fostered: Diagnosis, Training and clinical and biomedical research.

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Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agropecuarias - INIA

Generates and adapts knowledge and technologies to contribute to the sustainable development of the agricultural sector and the country, taking into account state policies, social inclusion and the demands of markets and consumers.

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Instituto Antártico Uruguayo 

It is the National agency -under the Ministry of National Defense- responsible for programming and developing Antarctic scientific, technological and logistic activities for the purpose of establishing the National Antarctic Program.

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LATU - Laboratorio Tecnológico del Uruguay

It promotes the sustainable development of the country and its international insertion, through innovation and the transfer of valuable solutions in analytical, meteorological, technological, management and conformity assessment services according to the applicable regulations.

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SARAS (Instituto Sudamericano de Estudios sobre Sustentabilidad y Resiliencia)

The Institute conducts interdisciplinary research and seeks to contribute substantively to the production of knowledge and the construction of management and governance capacities (at the national and regional levels) of ecosystem services. It also seeks to contribute on the processes and mechanisms that determine the sustainability and resilience of society, the environment and the economy, key aspects for human well-being.

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The Basic Science Development Programme creates and maintains a scientific platform capable of supporting the development of Basic Sciences and technological development.

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Polo Tecnológico de Pando

It promotes the incorporation of knowledge into the production of goods and services, generating employment and a better quality of life for Uruguayans.

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Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación

ANII has funds for scientific, technological and applied research. Through these funds projects that generate new knowledge in all areas, with emphasis on strategic sectors defined by the Cabinet of Innovation funded.

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For questions about innovation projects or projects, click here.

Comisión Sectorial de Investigación Científica

It is an University co-government body created in 1990 with the purpose of promoting research in all areas of knowledge at the University of the Republic. To do this, it implements various programs that aim to strengthen and stimulate research in the university environment.

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