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Uruguay is a safe bet for your professional development. It is an opportunity to live and work in a country with high quality of life, tolerance and multiculturalism. Uruguay's reliability, stability and international recognition of the quality of its services are key factors in the continuous growth of Global Services and the generation of more and better new jobs every year.

The digital revolution has allowed more and more Shared Services Centers to be established in Uruguay, generating more than 10,000 jobs and intensifying the search for bilingual talent, with a focus on English. Furthermore, the dynamic Uruguayan IT sector, which has crossed borders and now has the United States as its main market, creates at least 2,500 new positions every year. 

Currently, non-traditional services represent 21% of total exports, and in a period of less than 25 years they have multiplied by more than 20, reaching almost 5% of the GDP. 

Some examples of international companies installed in Uruguay


How do I look for a job in Global Services? 


Smart Talent is the job portal exclusively oriented to global services companies, where you can meet the companies in the sector, participate in many community activities and apply for job opportunities. 
We invite you to be part of the global services community in Uruguay and to add a new experience of professional development abroad.


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