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Universidad de la República is public and free. To take a degree course, foreigns students must revalidate the secondary studies completed and be in one of the following situations:

  • Being an Uruguayan or having to leave Uruguay due to the political situation.

  • Have had to interrupt their studies in the country of origin for reasons of political, ideological, union, religious or racial persecution.

  • They may study without having to revalidate the diplomatic and consular officials accredited in the Republic, the officials of foreign States that fulfill missions or services recognized by the respective authorities, the officials of international organizations of which the Republic is part or that the latter accepts or recognizes, and the spouses, children or dependents.

  • Have a residence in Uruguay not less than three years.

  • Have moved to Uruguay as a necessary consequence of the installation in the country of the direct family nucleus.

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UTEC is the Technological University of Uruguay with a focus on sustainable and inclusive development, innovation, and applied research in the areas of Engineering and STEM. Free and public, it was created in 2013.

Since its creation, UTEC has been committed to developing its global engagement strategy with more than 20 international agreements – focusing on internationalization at home – and more than 9 million dollars executed by internationally funded projects (EU, IADB, CAF, US Government, and Fulbright Program).


UTEC promotes opportunities for international visiting fellows, international exchange students, joint and double degrees, capacity building programs, international research networks, and high-level international events.

More info here. - e-mail: relaciones.internacionales@utec.edu.uy

Universidad Católica del Uruguay offers different modalities to study in the framework of an exchange program:

  • Bilateral Agreements / AUSJAL (see list of universities with agreement here)

  • ISEP - International Student Exchange Program- If you are studying at a university member of ISEP, you can choose as a destination the Catholic University of Uruguay. For more information consult the ISEP Coordinator of your University

  • CINDA student mobility program

  • Free move - This program allows you, by paying the registration fee, to study a semester in our University

More info here  - e-mail: interinter@ucu.edu.uy

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Universidad de la Empresa welcomes international students, whom can study in our institution according to the following modalities:

  • Exchange students

If you come from a university with which UDE has a signed agreement, you must be postulated by your university through the International Relations Office.


  • Temporary stay - Free Movers

This program allows international students to study a semester in UDE by paying the registration fee. For that, you must be selected or authorized by your university and request a presentation letter for the application.


  • Student trips with specific purposes

Every year American students visit Universidad de la Empresa, under a student exchange agreement between Lee University and UDE. The activities to be carried out by the students in Montevideo include attendance at an international seminar given by UDE professors at the Pocitos campus and tourist visits to Montevideo and Colonia.

e-mail: el.int@ude.edu.uy

Universidad de Montevideo offers a wide range of international programs to fit the interests of each international student. Students can study abroad for a semester or a year as an independent student or as an exchange student.

  • Independent Students/Free Movers

International students can enroll as independent students at the UM outside of the framework of an exchange program, paying tuition for their courses. They must complete this form and send a letter of enrollment from their home University to internacional@um.edu.uy


  • Student Exchange Program

The Student Exchange Program is coordinated between the UM and its partner universities from around the world. Students pay their home university tuition while studying abroad at the UM. These exchanges allow students to experience cultural immersion, acquire a foreign language, and develop a deeper appreciation of the host country.

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The University ORT Uruguay allows foreign students to study in different ways: Degree-seeking students, exchange students and free movers.

As an international student, you can access any degree-program offered by Universidad ORT Uruguay, as long as you meet the general admission requirements. You will also be asked to comply with some specific steps and procedures required by Uruguayan law.


If your university has signed an exchange agreement with Universidad ORT Uruguay, this option allows you to take a semester in Uruguay, while earning credit for your home university.


If your university does not have an exchange agreement with Universidad ORT Uruguay, you can apply as a visiting non-degree-seeking student (free mover). This program allows you to study up to one academic year and choose from a wide range of courses and academic programs.

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