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Eligibility requirements to become a Legal Citizen in Uruguay apply to foreigners of legal age who provide a police clearance certificate and evidence that:


  • They have a family settled in the Republic, capital or property in the country or exercise any science, art or industry and have lived three years in the Republic, uninterruptedly.


  • Do not have a family settled in the Republic but have any of the attributes of the foregoing subsection and have lived five years in the Republic, uninterruptedly.


  • Are granted a special venue by the General Assembly for notable services or relevant merits.


The interested party will be required to appear in person for the purposes of submitting his/her application to the Electoral Bureau. The process is free and once approved is effective for an indefinite term. As in the procedure for temporary residence, citizens of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela, and foreign family members of nationals in the country have special treatment.


Must prove:


  • Authorization to live in the country

  • Nationality

  • Age

  • Identity

  • Residence

  • Constituted family

  • Settlement

  • Good conduct

  • Democratic ideas

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