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Agencia de Desarrollo Paysandú Consultorio Emprendedor y Mypes
Pre-incubation and incubation. Advice Training. Co-working spaces.
Horacio Ragni /info@cee.uy


CIDTI: Fundación Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico del Interior (CIE Colonia)
Pre-incubation. Training. Contact networks.
Marcelo Bieito /colonia@ctc.edu.uy


Co-Work Montevideo / da Vinci labs

Multipurpose incubator. Co-working spaces. Consulting Tutorials
Óliver Socas /oliver@davinci.uy


Empresas en el día

Business opening service: S.A, S.R.L, Unipersonal.


Fundación Ricaldoni

Development of technological prototypes.


Incubadora BIOESPINN (Instituto Pasteur de Montevideo)

Incubator of biotechnology companies that integrates the Innovation Space of the Institut Pasteur of Montevideo.
Services: Laboratories for biotechnology entrepreneurs, with the technological infrastructure of IPMont. Technical assistance in: business plan, marketing, product or service development, finance and intellectual property. Support in the search for investors and networking. bioespinn@pasteur.edu.uy |  Tel.: (+598) 2522 0910


Incubadora GEPIAN: (Salto)

Advice. Consulting


Incubadora Idear: (Maldonado)

Virtual or remote incubation of technology-based projects. Training. Advice. Networking spaces



Incubation of remote and virtual projects of technology-based projects. Incubator of technology-based projects. Consultancy. Workshops and courses. Tutorials Fully equipped office spaces. Networking spaces


Incubadora KHEM: Entorno de Innovación IPTP – KHEM - PCTP

Incubator of biotechnology-based start-up / business projects: related to chemistry, nanotechnology, food and nutrition, biotechnology, pharma, bioanalytics, environmental, renewable energy. Training. Workshops Technical and business tutorials. Networking spaces



Accelerator: registration process through local representative: Tokai Ventures. Training. Local and international mentoring. Co-working space. Access to international network. Follow in on rounds of capital.



Pre Incubator / Incubator of social projects. Workshops and courses. Contests


Thales LAB

Company Builder created to support startups and technological spin-offs of high potential in early stages.


Parque Tecnológico e Industrial del Cerro

Industrial pole, production and services of micro and small companies, with high technological content.


Fundación Zonamerica

To develop and promote training and educational programs as well as cultural activities, to allow people to apply new skills and talents according to the requirements of highly prestigious and international companies in our market, through innovative and value adding programs.


Incubadora Sinergia

A nine-month incubation program for Latin American companies, based at Sinergia Cowork in Montevideo, Uruguay. Multipurpose project incubator. Co-working space. Training. Mentoring Access to the 3D prototyping laboratory and to Sinergia Tech.

CUDECOOP - Incubacoop

Cooperatives incubator. Awareness, pre-incubation and incubation activities that include training courses, technical assistance and mentoring in technology-based ventures with cooperative format.
consultas@incubacoop.org.uy Tel .: (+598) 29029355 int. 105


Incubadora Gepian

Multipurpose incubator for entrepreneurs from Salto and the region, who are ready to build a product or service, launch a company with differential or innovative added value and change the world.
Services: Infrastructure, initial financing, mentoring, training and collaborative work spaces (co-work) to accelerate growth and ensure the success of startups. incugepian@gmail.com | Tel .: +598 (2) 917-8207


Incubadora Idear

Description: It is an incubator that develops its activities in the department of Maldonado, and aims to contribute to the economic development of the department.
Services: Workshops, consultancies, training in business plans, counseling, remote and physical incubation, contact networks.

info@idear.com.uy  | Tel: (+598) 4266 27 52


Incubadora Khem

Incubator of companies of the Technological Pole of Pando.
Services: office infrastructure, laboratories and instruments, training in business management, legal advice, technical tutorials, access to sources of financial resources. info@khem.org.uy


Program of the Citi Hall of Salto and the Commercial and Industrial Center of Salto to promote and support entrepreneurialism and business development of mypes, through public-private agreement and national-local coordination, working as a platform for the execution of local and national programs.

saltoemprende@salto.gub.uy | Tel.: (+598) 4732 9898 int. 175 - 146