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To validate driving licenses issued abroad, the process can be done in the Montevideo City Hall presenting the following documents:


  • Uruguayan Identity Card: original, valid and in good condition

  • Driver's license of the country of origin: original, valid and in good condition.

  • Medical examination issued by qualified medical institutions in Montevideo

If the Driver's License is written in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Egyptian, Hebrew, German, or some other language that does not allow to identify precisely the information contained in the document, a translation of the license must be provided.

If the license does not specify clearly which vehicle(s) you are entitled to drive, a certificate from the embassy or consulate containing the information must be presented.


  • A driver license homologation will be only issued in the amateur and motorcycle category (up to 200 cc).

  • The payment is made only in the Treasury of the Montevideo City Hall

  • The license obtained is recognized throughout the Eastern Republic of Uruguay.


In the cases of Italy and Spain, homologations are carried out in accordance with the current Reciprocity Agreement.


Cost: $1452

Tel.: 1950 4000 option 2. 1950 1907

Monday to Friday 8:15 to 14:00.


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